Where are we going as a race???

8 May

I like to ponder on the big picture, now and then. I think of our scientific accomplishments. We have achieved much. We mastered fire, we are mastering nuclear fission. By the time we’ve figured out how to dispose of the waste properly, we’ll have nuclear batteries!

There are so many areas of science, too many brilliant break throughs over the centuries, far too many to mention them all. There are other things I add to my thinking pot, like war. Another subject with too many examples to name them all. The propaganda surrounding them is amazing!

I think the 2nd World War, is the most documented event in modern history. It is the subject of teaching in schools. There are films, games, documentaries, art, design, memorabilia, fashions and even faiths have sprung up as a result of the 2nd world war. Of course science and war go hand in hand. They feed off each other and through the minds of brilliant people, previously unimaginable concepts are brought into reality.

Our understanding of our environment has come on in leaps and bounds but our response to the damage we are doing is negligent. As a race, we are sinking into a pit of selfishness. Not caring for our neighbour anymore, let alone the environment. This saddens me and should sadden you.

I was brought up with certain standards, set by my parents and society. Things like manners, are becoming rare, as people seek to sate their selfishness. People are even slammed for using manners, with shouts of “Sexist” or “Creep” being uttered, instead of a thank you. I’ve racked my brains since I started this little blog. Looking for an answer to our selfish society.

There is no simple fix but there is something, something we can all do, as a race, that doesn’t cost a penny and makes the world a better place. I am tempted not to tell you what it is, because your instant reaction will be to forget what I said. I cannot impress the importance of this simple deed, enough. So I’ll talk about it. The end result of this simple deed, that we can all do, is a sense of pride, in where you live, in your community, in your heart. It encourages local prosperity and can bring new jobs to your area.

Okay, I’ve kept you waiting long enough. You may have guessed by this time but for anybody who doesn’t know and to impress upon those who think they know. This simple deed, that we can all do…STOP LITTERING…

Some people are fortunate enough to live in places, where littering doesn’t happen. I live in London, the centre of selfishness in the U.K. I feel shame as a Londoner, for the filthy state of our streets. Parents letting their kids drop litter, without rebuke! Where did our standards go? I know London is not unique in the tons of litter that are strewn across its streets.

Did you know, a discarded plastic carrier bag, could cause the death of a cyclist or motorcyclist. They are very light and can float on a breeze, easily ending up in the rider’s face. Being blinded as your ride, well, I’ll let you imagine the consequences…

I live in a throw away society. Everything you need to furnish a property can be found on the streets of London. High end digital TV’s! All manner of furniture, from leather sofa sets to pictures, in frames to glasses of all varieties, pint, shot, wine, tumblers, even the kind you wear for your eyes.

There are places to hand all these things in, so that others can benefit from your scrap but people are to selfish to care. This selfish nature will erode what’s left of society. I often hear this: “If they won’t help themselves, why should I bother?” This disgusts me, as a human, that people can be so self centred. Not everybody has the ability to help themselves, they may lack knowledge or a sense of social pride and who can blame them? When people would rather throw out their used items than give to those in need. I could go on and on about the selfishness of people today but what is the point, they are beyond caring and do not realise that they need help.

Modern technology has a hand in all this. Mobile phones are so advanced now, that you do not need to interact with anybody, face to face. You can wander around, listening to your favourite music, ordering anything you need on line, have it delivered to your door.

Society is changing, it will always be in a constant state of flux. We have to protect what is valuable, through these changes. At some point in the future, we will reach a pinnacle of human achievement. I fear for our future, if we lose our manners and get swallowed up in selfishness, the pinnacle will turn into a trough.

So, please stop littering and start caring, show some manners, give a person the chance to help them self. Be an active part of your community, by not littering. How easy is that, to not drop something on the floor but put it in a bin, when you pass one or take it home.

(I am not the local council in disguise) lol

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