3 Apr

Homeless people have a desperate need of socks, in the UK. I learned this, when I hit the streets in 2003. I was only homeless for 5 months but during that time, my need for socks overwhelmed my need for a roof. I used to walk from Victoria Station to Trafalgar Square to the Imperial War Museum on a regular basis.

Victoria Station is a great place to hang, if you’re homeless…no begging allowed and to be honest, no begging necessary in London. I’d visit “The Passage” a day centre for homeless people. You cannot get in there unless you have been seen sleeping rough, in the same spot, for at least two consecutive nights… … They offer a multitude of services and really helped me a lot. Apart from socks, that is. They just can’t get enough of them.

Trafalgar Square. I used to love sitting around that area. Just off Trafalgar Square is StMartins in the Fields,.. The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields a church that caters for the homeless. They have a night shelter where I could get a good meal, watch T.V. get a shower and get some sleep. The shelter isn’t meant for sleeping, there are no beds but they did allow us to use 2 chairs, sometimes 3. A short walk from this area to the Embankment and Charring Cross would net 3 “soup runs” during the afternoon/evening.


A soup run is when a person or persons would come to a designated place at a set time on a set day or everyday and give out food. The food would depend on the giver, very rarely was soup on offer. In that area, you could get chocolate, plenty of, sandwiches, various fillings, a good selection of vegetarian foods brought by a group of Hari Krishna and always tea and coffee. There were occasional opportunities to get some clothing, once again, socks were in short supply.


My third port of call, was just outside the Imperial War Museum, across the road, on the corner. They were called Oasis. They provided cleaning of clothes, replacement clothes, gorgeous hot showers but on a timer, tea, coffee, biscuits and medical help. I always felt fresh after a visit there. Alas, the sock situation was no better here.


All this was many years ago now, yet I still feel the need to buy socks. I have over 50 pairs of socks now and have stopped counting. 🙂



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