Being Bitten by a Vampire. III

6 Dec

I awoke in a cold sweat, caked in drying blood. Most of it from Omiyuni, the vampire that had brought me here, who still hung over me. No longer bleeding or twitching, she was very still. The stake through her head preventing complete healing. I raised my head, it thrummed with pain, a pain I’ve never known before. I felt like I had a stake through my head and wondered if I had become attached to this abomination, this beautiful woman, this blood sucking temptress. I gingerly got onto all fours, the room spinning, my gut churning, my head throbbing. I clambered to my feet, using the torture rack to help me, slipping on the congealing blood, eventually, I stood and slowly surveyed my surroundings.

My stomach growled loudly, I needed food. I needed clothes but that wasn’t important at the moment, nor was getting clean. I felt a hunger clawing at my innards, must eat! I went to the fridge, my head-splitting with pain, the further from Omiyuni I got. I clasped the refrigerator handle, using it to steady myself. I tried to calm myself, using breathing techniques but the pain in my head would not settle. All thought of food had gone, my mind focused on ending the pain in my head. I clasped my hands to my temples and screamed for it to stop.

I heard a quiet voice in that pain, very calm, very clear. “Help me down and your pain will end.” I spun round, my head continued spinning even though I’d stopped. I clutched at it and shuffled towards Om, each tiny step easing the pain. Going towards her felt good! Despite my hunger, as I aided her off the stake, I felt my loins stir. She flopped in my arms, totally at my mercy! I strapped her onto the torture table, then went back to the fridge. This time there was no splitting pain tearing my head apart. This time I could focus on food. I opened the door wide, the fridge was full of all sorts of foods. I gazed, wide-eyed with hunger and grabbed a small joint of ham. I buried my face in it as I quaffed it down…(I know quaffing is done with liquid but this was much the same, most of it wasted.)

I closed my eyes in sheer joy as the lumps of meat slid down into my stomach…Oh, the bliss!…Oh, the pain! The meat shot out of my mouth in a violent eruption of vomit. The force of it knocked me off my feet, I sprawled on the floor, flopping about in yet more agony. Her voice in my head again, “Foolish man, you drank my blood, there is only 1 food for you now…There was a momentary pause, a sense of laughter…”BLOOD!” I curled into a fetal position, not wanting to hear anymore.

Her voice in my head continued, “You’ve made the choice, there is no going back, you are now a vampire. With all the powers and curses it bestows. You can not fight against it, that would be like trying to give up air! I shuddered and clutched at myself, trying to squeeze this curse out of me, trying to ignore her words in my head. She talked on and on, telling me of the danger of sunlight, our abilities, that I will soon acquire.

Something was distracting me, a rich sweet smell. I can only describe it as like the smell of a burning marsh mellow, that sugary smell but there were no marsh mellows burning here. The smell came from the blood splattered all over the floor. Thick, congealing and delicious! I scooped it up, gulped it down and despite my mind telling me that I should be vomiting, my belly purred with pleasure. I scraped up as much as I could, then licked my hands clean. I was still hungry and Omiyuni was still strapped to the torture table, soaked in her own blood.

As I scrambled to my feet and made a beeline for her blood, her voice came into my head again. Not so self-assured this time, as she saw me approach with a hunger in my eyes, she knew only too well. “Take head, we are joined, any pain I suffer, you too will suffer!” I caressed her cheek, then licked the blood from my hand. The open wound in her head was healing rapidly, she looked paler than usual, probably lack of my blood in her. Very carefully, I removed her clothes, she struggled but seemed unable to break free of the restraints. I let the clothes fall to the floor, completely taken in by her blood soaked beautiful body.

The snack I’d had on the floor began to fill me with a power I’ve never known. I felt like I could lift a shipyard container in one hand. I climbed onto the torture table, looming over Omiyuni. She gazed from my swollen manhood to the hungry look in my eyes, unable to break free, she resigned herself to her fate, thinking I would devour her. I lowered myself until I was astride her on all fours, then I lowered my head to hers and licked the now closed wound. I continued licking her blood from her pale skin, until she was spotless.

So much blood! So much power! My head was spinning! The only thought in my head was penetration! My manhood was throbbingly hard, I had to relieve it and there beneath me, was this gorgeous woman, unable to resist me. I ploughed my length into her cold center, ramming it in as hard and deep as I could. Shackles rattling as I pounded into her, harder, deeper, faster, on and on! Sweat poured from my body as I continued to try to relieve the tension within. Eyes closed, teeth gritted, I ached for a release that seemed never to come….

Her voice in my head again, “cum for me, my horny captor. Spill your seed deep within my cold dead center!” I gasped as my body complied, my balls tightened and blasted their load deep into her. I collapsed atop her, totally exhausted. All that strength, all that power, gone in a few brief moments of orgasmic elation. Next thing I know, I’m in the shackles, she’s astride me. She see’s the puzzlement in my eyes and says, “As you collapsed onto me, totally spent, I bit your exposed neck, drank just enough of our blood to put you in the shackles and there you will stay, until I choose otherwise!”

I rued my missed opportunity for freedom, what a fool I was to drink her blood. Now I am at her mercy again and I’m a vampire!

I hope you enjoyed part 3, I am still making it up as I go and have no idea where it will end.


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