Thatcher’s legacy.

26 Nov

I used to hate this woman with a passion, now she’s passed and I’m left with a lot of negative feelings. Seeing people on tv, saying how caring Thatcher was, makes me laugh and want to punch them in the face for being so gullible.

This woman, single handedly did more damage to the UK than Hitler would ever have dreamed of! She eroded social housing, by letting people buy them and not building replacements with the money made from the sales.

Our once great nation, has been turned into a penny pinching back water, with most of our assets owned by other countries. How this is good for us is beyond me. Our industry was crushed by her iron hand and has left whole regions in debt, with no likely hood of industry returning. Sure, it would have happened eventually, due to the slave labour of 3rd world countries.

Thatcher ushered in privatisation, which is still eroding our economy and inverting our society. Turning people against each other for having a nice car or double glazing, causing resentment and hatred.

The people who think they have profited from Thatchers time in parliament, are sadly, deluded. There delusion is of being well off, as the country crumbles around them. They see only that which pleases them, ignoring the empty shops, the payday loan shops, the charity shops, the betting shops and now, the one pound shops. That’s just on the high street’s.

Have you ever heard people say, “We used to leave our front door open all day.” Well it’s true. People had a sense of society, a sense of belonging, all in it together and stronger for it. What happened to that, Thatcher happened.

It has been shown, that Thatcher was given the support of the press, to help get her into power, in order for her to break the power of the press union. What does that say about our government, about our press. During the miners strike, footage was edited to show miners rioting. The bits where the police antagonise them were not allowed to be shown and to my knowledge, still haven’t been shown.

It was the mountains of rubbish building up in our streets the allowed privatisation to take off in this country. One man made a company to shift the rubbish, he hired the striking council workers and was able to do the job cheaper than the council……The rest is history.

There will always be change in the UK, Thatcher ushered in a new era, it’s still in it’s infancy, yet it has crushed our once proud nation. We aren’t dead yet, that is in the future. That is when descendants of Thatcherites, can no longer hide from the truth. By which time, all we once were, will be lost and what we have become is 80 million individuals all looking out for ourselves at the expense of those around us. No better than animals.

I see nothing positive from Thatchers time in power, apart from Spitting Image, a great program. Even my father, a devout conservative voter, started voting labour, after her second term as PM. My prospects as a school leaver went down hill rapidly, due to Thatchers policies. Local factories closed down, unemployment rose, my options disappeared before I’d got on the job ladder. Living in a relatively rural area, jobs were scarce and mainly seasonal. I ended up on unemployement benefits…..


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