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Why weeks weep!

10 Feb

Nameless are the weeks of time

days are named

as are months

but not the weeks

the ignored

the bastards of Father time

ignored by Clock

poor weeks

too numerous to name

anonimity hiding their shame

as they quietly slip by.


Protect yourself.

2 Feb

You may or may not know, twitter was hacked today, a quater of a million accounts were broken into. You can help protect yourself by having a complex password. Use UPPER case and lower case, replace letters with numbers, use a slash or another symbol, use dollars instead of s’s. Make sure you write your password down! I know, for years people have told us not to do it but be honest, how often have you forgotten your password? Keep a little diary, just for passwords, change it often and keep note of it. Use different passwords for different websites.

Okay, here’s an example password….. “password” believe it or not, a lot of people use this one. Sticking with the same word but changing elements of it, like so: Pa$$w0rD. Be creative with your passwords, don’t use your name or your address, be abstract, be obscure, be naughty and the more digits you use, the better.

If you have any advice to add, please leave it in a comment and let’s help people be safe.