Chess, the game of love?

25 May

Since I found love, I have a new perspective on things. I am a natural chess player and have loved playing since I was 7yrs old. By the age 12, I had beaten everybody I knew, including the teacher at the school’s chess club. Sadly my talent was neglected by those who should have been nurturing and encouraging my talents. Being in love has opened my eyes, everything has a new dimension now.

What follows is a basic guide about the three stages of a chess game. Using the language of love with a bit of chess terminology thrown in. Going from the opening to the checkmate and the battle for control, known as the mid game.

The opening is when 2 lovers meet and embrace eachother with pawns, this part of the game is very fluid, much like the kissing and cuddling. You get closer and more intimate as your pieces spread over the board.

Then comes the mid game. This is akin to removing your lovers clothes and exposing their vulnerabilities. How you do this is upto you, maybe you peel a layer and give the exposed part your undivided attention or like rapid play, you just strip them as rapidly as possible. Whichever you choose, by the end of the mid game, it is usually clear if one of you has an advantage and this will decide the outcome of the end game.

The end game is the act of making love. Your lovers plans laid bare before you, their weaknesses exposed, their pieces vulnerable. They are naked, in every sense of the word. Your last few moves to trap the king are like bump and grind of making love with the checkmate being your orgasm….. I’m not sure what a stalemate would signify! I hope you enjoy a game soon. (^_^)


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