My first time!

11 Dec

At making stew that is! 😉 I used diced stewing steak, baby potatoes, garden peas, carrots and a large white onion. For seasoning i used a large pinch of salt, some black pepper and a hefty helping of garlic granules and beef stock.

I have no idea how you’re supposed to make a stew. I prepared the carrots by scraping and chopping them into large chunks. I chopped the baby potatoes into two or three large chunks.

I popped the meat in first, as it seared i added the garlic granules and black pepper. Let that cook for a minute. Then i added the chopped carrots, peas, (peas were tinned) potatoes with water and salt. Then i chopped the onion.

Ainsley Harriot (not sure of spelling, he’s a TV chef) once showed me how to chop an onion tear free. Chop off the top and bottom, then cut almost all the way through on the horizontal and again vertically back to front, then vertically side to side. One diced onion and no tears.

I added diced onion and gave a quick stir. Then i added 2 cubes of beef stock, stirred them in and left it to simmer for 30 minutes. Stirred again and left for another 30 minutes.

Finally i added loose granules of beef stock to thicken remaining water. This part is to your own preference. For me 2 tablespoons was enough you might like more. I have to be honest.

I do not like food, i prefer chocolate and would only eat chocolate if i could. So when i say this stew is tasty, i mean it!


One Response to “My first time!”

  1. 1emeraldcity December 11, 2011 at 6:02 pm #

    Always curious about recipes. Yours sounds pretty good. Am going to try it! Thanks for sharing!

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