Bah humbug!

7 Dec

Christmas is not a family time! I have done no research into this, it based on my common knowledge, nothing more.

What makes you think Christmas is for families? I’ll tell you, society. It’s as simple as that, the same with Christmas cards but that’s another blog.

Ok let me explain, Christmas is a holiday for everybody! That’s how it was for decades. Everything stopped for Christmas day, atleast. Everywhere was closed, so people stayed at home.

Now think of generations growing up, taking this as the norm, Christmas is soon associated with family and for better or worse, they get together. Ohh the joy of Christmas with family.

Let’s be honest, family life can be tough, the thought of being trapped in a building with family would put some people under a train or drive them to harm others!

Others would jump at the chance to be home with their beloved family! Nothing could keep them away, except the deranged nutters from previous paragraph.

These days we have options but to choose solitude is seen as unchristmassy, selfish, tight and many other negative terms.

Scrooge was seen as the worst a person could be at Christmas. If he had spent his time praying, (for a generous disposition maybe) he would have been the perfect example of what Christmas is about!

No money wasted on tinsel or a tree, just him and God, there are the bare bones of Christmas, nothing else matters, no gifts no trimmings nothing.

The giving of gifts has taken over much of Christmas, because of the three wise men, the real gift was Christ! Let’s put him back at the heart of it, when you write on the tag To: Bob instead of from you put from Jesus. If it wasn’t for him none of this would exist! (~_^)


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