1 Dec

I do love those harmless little flies. Where do they come from? I live above a shop that sells a bit of everything. There is fruit and veg outside at all times of year, so why would those little flies bother with my place? ok i did have some rotten fruit in my bin but that was a month ago!

They were breeding faster than rats on ecstasy! I had a lovely colony of Fruiflies. It was time for a cull, i sprayed fly spray over the bin, they went from what must have been over a hundred to less than twenty, i put the rubbish out. I thought the few that remained would soon die.

They are still with me! It has been almost a month since i’ve had any fruit in my flat! What are they living on??? I drink lots of tea and discard my teabags into the bin. Could fruit flies live on tea? I have no idea but it’s the only explanation i can think of!

As they are so small and harmless. I don’t mind the company. They aren’t very sociable though and often make me cross eyed, when they do a close flyby. (^_^)

I do love insects btw, especially ants and wasps.


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