Being Bitten by a Vampire. II.

28 Nov

I guess i should introduce myself. My name is Rick. I used to work in a warehouse, lived alone in a modest apartment. I’m 28 years young, (give or take a decade) self confessed fitness addict and womanizer.

I love the ladies. They love my physique, heck, i only have to breath in and they drool. One night stands kept me happy. The gym satisfied me more. My warehouse job kept me fed, clothed and able to use the gym, twice a day, everyday.

I considered beer to be my only vice. In retrospect, i might include women, Hahahaa! In my teens i studied karate and was a 4star sergeant in the army cadets. Basically i had dreams of the SAS.

That’s enough about where i came from. All that matters now, is how do i continue? I am now a cow or some such low life, my blood is constantly being drained.

That beautiful female vampire, has me trapped in a cave. Every kind of torturing device can be found in here. Some are completely unknown to me. She delights in my torture. I swear i can hear a soft guttural purrrr, on the rare occasion my screaming stops.

I am no wimp but a hot iron on a less sensitive part, makes me howl. The bitch lets me fight and takes great pleasure in the look of defeat in my eyes, as once again she triumphs. I have a plan of escape though!

Oh no! Here she comes. I can feel her inside my head. I don’t know how brains work. Sometimes i wish i wasn’t thinking all this and that she had total control. The cold steel door opens. I glare at her.

She stands in the door, a slight smile on her face. Torturing me already, with the chance of freedom. I lunge for the door but i don’t move an inch. She steps inside. Apparently satisfied that i still have some fight left in me. The door closes behind her.

I can move now and waste no time. I have prepared an intricate trap, it requires my body weight on the main torture table. In my hands i have a katana and a cross.

She adopts a sumo wrestlers stance, low and wide. She eyes the cross. I lunge forward thrusting the katana. She side steps easily. I need to close in a bit, i feint and dummy, edging closer.

She looks into my eyes and enquires, “how did you make that?”she glances at it. Again i lunge. The blade pierces her abdomen. She grabs my wrists, eyes sparkling as she smells my fear and hate. The cross comes between us as she examines it, “very clever,” she says.

I made it using two daggers and a single strand from a flail. I’d heard rumours that they fear the cross. My heart sank as she licked one of the blades. A fury burst in me and i yanked at the katana. Her strength way beyond mine, held me fast.

I struggled and even tried to bite her. She smiled an evil smile. Waiting for my blood pressure to rocket up higher. Immobilized by her strength, i felt the now familiar bite of those fangs.

I woke up on the table. A circle of stakes hanging around me. I have no idea how long i was out. Her body was hanging beside me, she twitched around. A stake through her head. Not actually dead but severely injured.

I was dizzy from blood loss. I thought it would be justice to suck some of hers! It was pouring freely from her mouth. I frenchied her. Sucking and gulping, her cold blood was like fire inside me.

I crumpled to the floor at her twitching feet. The room spun. My body burned from the inside. I screamed and howled. Pure agony ripped through me. The pain was too much, i finally passed out.

When i woke up. Things were different but that’s another story!…

I hope you enjoy my rambling. I have no idea where this will lead. It’s completely spur of the moment. I might name the vampire in the next part, if she lives! 😉


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