Warning adults only! Being bitten by a vampire.

31 Oct

Have you experienced pain? Not the stub your toe kind but gentle, soft, warm pain, similar to a mild tummy upset, well it’s nothing like it but you get a vague idea.

The neck is a popular choice for writers but lets be honest, there are many other areas on the body with major blood flow, the groin for example, i know there is a lot of blood flowing down there! Most of the time anyway.

When those fangs pierce the skin, the last thing on anybodies mind is, why there? Before the bite comes the ‘fight’ how we love that part, the way they get in your head, make you walk around scantily clad or exposed.

So there i am, a man, with all my preconceptions of being a man, bigger, better, stronger than a woman, she is slim, petite, extremely beautiful, i can’t take my eyes off her!

Down below, things are getting warm, space is shrinking fast, she looks me in the eyes! BANG! The world disappears, all i can see is this vision of female perfection walking towards me, biting her lower lip, i gulp.

My heart pounds, for a moment i wonder, is it me, my doubt gives me the opportunity to glance around the bar, nobody behind me, it must be me, nobody staring at my bulging trousers, i glance back at her and am lost again, she is only a few feet away.

I feel my blood coursing to my erection, trapped in my tight boxers, i gulp again, she is with me, her face inches from mine, i sit rooted, i want to caress her, peel away that figure hugging leather, my hands don’t respond.

Her hands run up and down my thighs, brushing my throbbing trapped manhood, little did i know, i too was trapped, she’s whispers in my ear and licks my cheek.

Ice cold tongue, sending chills and thrills running through my body, my breathing becomes rapid as i follow her out.

What did she say, what did she say! I cannot for the life of me remember, all i know is that i must follow her, my eyes drop to her smooth leather clad rear.

The lovely cheeks stop moving and turn away as the front comes into view, i blink and look around, we are in a dully lit basement apartment, not much furniture i think, oh she must be a gothic.

A huge coffin sits at one end, the chairs must be inside, that is one heck of a table! I turn to ask, she is inches away giggling, her hands glide over my body, i grope at her breasts, pulling the zipper down between them.

My clothes are coming off as the zipper reaches her center and stops just below, thin strips of shirt twirling around in the air and settle slowly about us, i feel air against my skin, i slip of her catsuit, she kneels before me.

I feel cold air about my legs, thin slithers of what must have been my trousers fly through the air, i am so stiff, full of lust for this unbelievably attractive female, i ignore the coldness of her touch.

I look down, her talons are becoming nails but her lips are almost touching my bobbing cock, they part and her tongue flicks my tip, i groan as my tension mounts, my legs jerk each time she touches it.

She stands up my cock catches on her breast, standing now, i can feel my blood pressure going sky high, she pulls me by my jerking cock, over to the coffin, i am happily suprised to see the lid go up and reveal a large bed.

She lies on the bed and guides my cock between her legs, i clamber into position, i enter and gasp with pleasure by the end of the gasp, pleasure has turned into shock, my eyes open properly.

Beneath me a vampire, in my head, i am punching her, throttling her, knocking her to the floor and running for my life…my ass is pumping up and down, she looks at me.

In my head she says relax, it will be over soon, then she laughs at my pathetic fear, she caresses my back, squeezing my ass, i continue pumping getting faster, my cock still stiff in her tight cold dry pussy!

I feel my orgasm building and i groan uncontrollably, i also scream for help at the top of my thought!!! I am just about to cum when i feel her attach to my neck, two little cuts.

But you only feel one, a moment of pain, a lifetime of death, the pain was fleeting, the sucking seemed to last ages, i remember thinking, this is just like a hicky, then i feel different inside, like i am really hungry, starving, my stomach has eaten itself already.

My erection withers, strange how you notice little things when faced with death, like the unswept floor, the hungry sensation spreads, for a while i feel hollow, then i bead with sweat, my blood level is critically low, i feel hot all over, hot, hollow, now sick and dizzy.

As all that is going on, she is moaning, her body writhing and squirming beneath me, at some point, she has turned us over, that probably caused the dizziness, the last thing i feel, is an icy coldness that drags me to oblivion.

                The end.


3 Responses to “Warning adults only! Being bitten by a vampire.”

  1. 1emeraldcity November 4, 2011 at 7:28 pm #

    Hey, pretty, good David! But please, watch your punctuation, and off not of..and why i; why not I…? Minor, things/ but it’s the teacher in me. Is there a sequel in this? Does he become a vampire? Write on!

    • davidpotter67 November 4, 2011 at 8:02 pm #

      Thankyou Jackie, i appreciate the advice, there is a high possibility of a sequel, i need to consider a storyline. As you can see from this reply, i like to use i not I. 🙂

  2. Kara November 13, 2011 at 1:22 pm #

    FANTASTIC!! Loved every moment. 🙂

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