Baby steps.

29 Oct


I thought my first blog should be about me, i have laid about for years, partly through depression, having no goals doesn’t help, oh my, at 44, i have a lot of history, some of which i’ll share, anyway back to my baby steps, about 6 months ago, i was given a message from God, the message was simple enough, start living your life, since then i have achieved many things, i still have many things to do, creating this account is one of my baby steps, doing a charity skydive, even though i’ve never been in a plane, was another baby step, a very big baby step admittedly, well that’s it for now, oh i’m an open minded fellow, lover of horror and fantasy, amongst other things, including the female form.


One Response to “Baby steps.”

  1. Amorous Puppy (@tlchimera) November 16, 2011 at 9:07 am #

    Glad to see you getting on David xx

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