Where are we going as a race???

8 May

I like to ponder on the big picture, now and then. I think of our scientific accomplishments. We have achieved much. We mastered fire, we are mastering nuclear fission. By the time we’ve figured out how to dispose of the waste properly, we’ll have nuclear batteries!

There are so many areas of science, too many brilliant break throughs over the centuries, far too many to mention them all. There are other things I add to my thinking pot, like war. Another subject with too many examples to name them all. The propaganda surrounding them is amazing!

I think the 2nd World War, is the most documented event in modern history. It is the subject of teaching in schools. There are films, games, documentaries, art, design, memorabilia, fashions and even faiths have sprung up as a result of the 2nd world war. Of course science and war go hand in hand. They feed off each other and through the minds of brilliant people, previously unimaginable concepts are brought into reality.

Our understanding of our environment has come on in leaps and bounds but our response to the damage we are doing is negligent. As a race, we are sinking into a pit of selfishness. Not caring for our neighbour anymore, let alone the environment. This saddens me and should sadden you.

I was brought up with certain standards, set by my parents and society. Things like manners, are becoming rare, as people seek to sate their selfishness. People are even slammed for using manners, with shouts of “Sexist” or “Creep” being uttered, instead of a thank you. I’ve racked my brains since I started this little blog. Looking for an answer to our selfish society.

There is no simple fix but there is something, something we can all do, as a race, that doesn’t cost a penny and makes the world a better place. I am tempted not to tell you what it is, because your instant reaction will be to forget what I said. I cannot impress the importance of this simple deed, enough. So I’ll talk about it. The end result of this simple deed, that we can all do, is a sense of pride, in where you live, in your community, in your heart. It encourages local prosperity and can bring new jobs to your area.

Okay, I’ve kept you waiting long enough. You may have guessed by this time but for anybody who doesn’t know and to impress upon those who think they know. This simple deed, that we can all do…STOP LITTERING…

Some people are fortunate enough to live in places, where littering doesn’t happen. I live in London, the centre of selfishness in the U.K. I feel shame as a Londoner, for the filthy state of our streets. Parents letting their kids drop litter, without rebuke! Where did our standards go? I know London is not unique in the tons of litter that are strewn across its streets.

Did you know, a discarded plastic carrier bag, could cause the death of a cyclist or motorcyclist. They are very light and can float on a breeze, easily ending up in the rider’s face. Being blinded as your ride, well, I’ll let you imagine the consequences…

I live in a throw away society. Everything you need to furnish a property can be found on the streets of London. High end digital TV’s! All manner of furniture, from leather sofa sets to pictures, in frames to glasses of all varieties, pint, shot, wine, tumblers, even the kind you wear for your eyes.

There are places to hand all these things in, so that others can benefit from your scrap but people are to selfish to care. This selfish nature will erode what’s left of society. I often hear this: “If they won’t help themselves, why should I bother?” This disgusts me, as a human, that people can be so self centred. Not everybody has the ability to help themselves, they may lack knowledge or a sense of social pride and who can blame them? When people would rather throw out their used items than give to those in need. I could go on and on about the selfishness of people today but what is the point, they are beyond caring and do not realise that they need help.

Modern technology has a hand in all this. Mobile phones are so advanced now, that you do not need to interact with anybody, face to face. You can wander around, listening to your favourite music, ordering anything you need on line, have it delivered to your door.

Society is changing, it will always be in a constant state of flux. We have to protect what is valuable, through these changes. At some point in the future, we will reach a pinnacle of human achievement. I fear for our future, if we lose our manners and get swallowed up in selfishness, the pinnacle will turn into a trough.

So, please stop littering and start caring, show some manners, give a person the chance to help them self. Be an active part of your community, by not littering. How easy is that, to not drop something on the floor but put it in a bin, when you pass one or take it home.

(I am not the local council in disguise) lol



3 Apr

Homeless people have a desperate need of socks, in the UK. I learned this, when I hit the streets in 2003. I was only homeless for 5 months but during that time, my need for socks overwhelmed my need for a roof. I used to walk from Victoria Station to Trafalgar Square to the Imperial War Museum on a regular basis.

Victoria Station is a great place to hang, if you’re homeless…no begging allowed and to be honest, no begging necessary in London. I’d visit “The Passage” a day centre for homeless people. You cannot get in there unless you have been seen sleeping rough, in the same spot, for at least two consecutive nights…passage.org.uk … They offer a multitude of services and really helped me a lot. Apart from socks, that is. They just can’t get enough of them.

Trafalgar Square. I used to love sitting around that area. Just off Trafalgar Square is StMartins in the Fields,.. The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields a church that caters for the homeless. They have a night shelter where I could get a good meal, watch T.V. get a shower and get some sleep. The shelter isn’t meant for sleeping, there are no beds but they did allow us to use 2 chairs, sometimes 3. A short walk from this area to the Embankment and Charring Cross would net 3 “soup runs” during the afternoon/evening.


A soup run is when a person or persons would come to a designated place at a set time on a set day or everyday and give out food. The food would depend on the giver, very rarely was soup on offer. In that area, you could get chocolate, plenty of, sandwiches, various fillings, a good selection of vegetarian foods brought by a group of Hari Krishna and always tea and coffee. There were occasional opportunities to get some clothing, once again, socks were in short supply.


My third port of call, was just outside the Imperial War Museum, across the road, on the corner. They were called Oasis. They provided cleaning of clothes, replacement clothes, gorgeous hot showers but on a timer, tea, coffee, biscuits and medical help. I always felt fresh after a visit there. Alas, the sock situation was no better here.


All this was many years ago now, yet I still feel the need to buy socks. I have over 50 pairs of socks now and have stopped counting. 🙂


The End of Fast Food!!!

7 Jan

We have an endless appetite for fast food. This has led to selective breeding. Unbeknown to us, at the time, chickens were evolving in other areas. On the breeding farms, nobody cared to test these chickens, beyond their edibleness. The succulence of the meat, the flavour, were all that mattered. The chickens looked and sounded the same, pecked at their chemically enhanced feed the same and as far as the employees were concerned, the chickens were just food for the masses. Beneath the cages, below the crap covered floor, a few chickens collaborated. Sitting in a circle, discussing how to end their plight, to regain their freedom from us. Compared to the noise above, these chickens were silent, muted clucks and squawks only just audible to each other. Their brains, mutated by the constant bombardment of chemicals, had attained telepathy as well as telekinesis. As a group, their combined brain power could operate a human! They spent months honing their skills on the people above, who, doing a mindless task day in day out were oblivious to the control of the chickens.


The time had come to break free. They waited for nightfall. The humans had filled the feeding troughs, topped up the water and gone home. Suddenly, every cage opened. The mad raucous of the day time was replaced with muted clucks as every chicken stepped out of it’s cage. The ones below flew up into the shed and led the way out. The lone security guard didn’t know what killed him, he just felt a sharp pain in his head, then died. The chickens marched out of their prison with a purpose, around 30,000 in all. They headed for the town center, killing any human their minds detected, be it mature or infant one. They passed through the slums first, where their captors lived. Their deaths were slow and painful. Chickens didn’t understand the concept of revenge, as we do but they acted as if they did. For all their dead ancestors, they mentally pecked their captors to death, turning their brains to pulp.


The screams of these people got the attention of others nearby. People flooded out of the slums, looking for what was killing them, some saw the chickens before they died, others had no idea, just dying as the panic spread. Beyond the slums lay the town, the chickens marched onward, people screaming and dying before them. On the hillside, just outside town, an astronomer stepped outside the observatory for a quick smoke. He heard the distant screams of the dying, raced back inside and alerted the staff. Everybody came outside to see what was going on. All they could ascertain was that people were screaming, not for joy, that was certain. There was pain in those screams. They dashed back inside, locking the doors and called the police. After several unsuccessful attempts, they decided to turn all the lights off and to try and get help on the internet.


They sent emails to the police headquarters and to the army. Stating that the town seemed to be under attack, lots of people, 100’s or more, were screaming, blood curdling screams of death. Please send help!!! Unfortunately, their emails arrived too late in the day and were met with typical graveyard shift attention…Meh!…I’m too busy watching porn or playing an online game to look at a late email. So, the scientists huddled in their observatory as the town below was wiped out. By morning, everybody in town was dead. The chickens had taken up residents and were scanning as far as their abilities would let them, for other humans.


The morning shifts turned up for work at the police headquarters, the army barracks and the emails got read. The army contacted the police, the police tried calling their offices in town but got no answer. They decided to send a chopper from a neighbouring town, to see what was going on. They also contacted the observatory but got no reply. The chopper came fast and low, not slowing until they were over the town. They reported seeing dead people and lots of chickens, then there was silence, as the chickens killed the people on board the helicopter and crashed it outside town. After an hour, a drone was sent, this showed dead people and lots of chickens. As it was unmanned, it was able to fly quite low and record the devastation, until the chickens got fed up with it and crashed it using their telekinesis.


The army sent an armed drone next, it got 1 small missile off before the chickens destroyed it and the missile. Then they sent a high altitude plane over. Using the latest technology, they were able to ascertain that no people were left in the vicinity. This meant that they could drop bigger bombs if necessary but they really needed to understand what had happened first. The high altitude plane circled the town, as they sent another drone in. They observed it getting close to the town, then every chicken they could see, turned towards the drone and it crashed. Not believing what they’d witnessed, they sent 3 more drones. Each one came from a different direction, each one suffered the same fate.


Amidst the mocking of the reports, accusations of drug taking and general disbelief at what they were witnessing, was a tiny shred of fear. Somehow, these chickens were destroying everything they sent close to them and even more unbelievably, they seem to have wiped out the entire population of the town. It soon became a national crisis, all the forces were called to arms. A perimeter was set up at a safe 10 mile radius. All manner of tactics were tried, from a guy in a chicken suit with a big gun to poisoned bird seed, nothing worked. While all attempts at killing the chickens failed, a forensic team was going over all the data they could scratch up and deduced that the chickens had come from the breeding farm. Something must have been done to them there. As they had no idea what the cause was, it was decided that all chicken farms be closed until further notice.



Being Bitten by a Vampire. III

6 Dec

I awoke in a cold sweat, caked in drying blood. Most of it from Omiyuni, the vampire that had brought me here, who still hung over me. No longer bleeding or twitching, she was very still. The stake through her head preventing complete healing. I raised my head, it thrummed with pain, a pain I’ve never known before. I felt like I had a stake through my head and wondered if I had become attached to this abomination, this beautiful woman, this blood sucking temptress. I gingerly got onto all fours, the room spinning, my gut churning, my head throbbing. I clambered to my feet, using the torture rack to help me, slipping on the congealing blood, eventually, I stood and slowly surveyed my surroundings.

My stomach growled loudly, I needed food. I needed clothes but that wasn’t important at the moment, nor was getting clean. I felt a hunger clawing at my innards, must eat! I went to the fridge, my head-splitting with pain, the further from Omiyuni I got. I clasped the refrigerator handle, using it to steady myself. I tried to calm myself, using breathing techniques but the pain in my head would not settle. All thought of food had gone, my mind focused on ending the pain in my head. I clasped my hands to my temples and screamed for it to stop.

I heard a quiet voice in that pain, very calm, very clear. “Help me down and your pain will end.” I spun round, my head continued spinning even though I’d stopped. I clutched at it and shuffled towards Om, each tiny step easing the pain. Going towards her felt good! Despite my hunger, as I aided her off the stake, I felt my loins stir. She flopped in my arms, totally at my mercy! I strapped her onto the torture table, then went back to the fridge. This time there was no splitting pain tearing my head apart. This time I could focus on food. I opened the door wide, the fridge was full of all sorts of foods. I gazed, wide-eyed with hunger and grabbed a small joint of ham. I buried my face in it as I quaffed it down…(I know quaffing is done with liquid but this was much the same, most of it wasted.)

I closed my eyes in sheer joy as the lumps of meat slid down into my stomach…Oh, the bliss!…Oh, the pain! The meat shot out of my mouth in a violent eruption of vomit. The force of it knocked me off my feet, I sprawled on the floor, flopping about in yet more agony. Her voice in my head again, “Foolish man, you drank my blood, there is only 1 food for you now…There was a momentary pause, a sense of laughter…”BLOOD!” I curled into a fetal position, not wanting to hear anymore.

Her voice in my head continued, “You’ve made the choice, there is no going back, you are now a vampire. With all the powers and curses it bestows. You can not fight against it, that would be like trying to give up air! I shuddered and clutched at myself, trying to squeeze this curse out of me, trying to ignore her words in my head. She talked on and on, telling me of the danger of sunlight, our abilities, that I will soon acquire.

Something was distracting me, a rich sweet smell. I can only describe it as like the smell of a burning marsh mellow, that sugary smell but there were no marsh mellows burning here. The smell came from the blood splattered all over the floor. Thick, congealing and delicious! I scooped it up, gulped it down and despite my mind telling me that I should be vomiting, my belly purred with pleasure. I scraped up as much as I could, then licked my hands clean. I was still hungry and Omiyuni was still strapped to the torture table, soaked in her own blood.

As I scrambled to my feet and made a beeline for her blood, her voice came into my head again. Not so self-assured this time, as she saw me approach with a hunger in my eyes, she knew only too well. “Take head, we are joined, any pain I suffer, you too will suffer!” I caressed her cheek, then licked the blood from my hand. The open wound in her head was healing rapidly, she looked paler than usual, probably lack of my blood in her. Very carefully, I removed her clothes, she struggled but seemed unable to break free of the restraints. I let the clothes fall to the floor, completely taken in by her blood soaked beautiful body.

The snack I’d had on the floor began to fill me with a power I’ve never known. I felt like I could lift a shipyard container in one hand. I climbed onto the torture table, looming over Omiyuni. She gazed from my swollen manhood to the hungry look in my eyes, unable to break free, she resigned herself to her fate, thinking I would devour her. I lowered myself until I was astride her on all fours, then I lowered my head to hers and licked the now closed wound. I continued licking her blood from her pale skin, until she was spotless.

So much blood! So much power! My head was spinning! The only thought in my head was penetration! My manhood was throbbingly hard, I had to relieve it and there beneath me, was this gorgeous woman, unable to resist me. I ploughed my length into her cold center, ramming it in as hard and deep as I could. Shackles rattling as I pounded into her, harder, deeper, faster, on and on! Sweat poured from my body as I continued to try to relieve the tension within. Eyes closed, teeth gritted, I ached for a release that seemed never to come….

Her voice in my head again, “cum for me, my horny captor. Spill your seed deep within my cold dead center!” I gasped as my body complied, my balls tightened and blasted their load deep into her. I collapsed atop her, totally exhausted. All that strength, all that power, gone in a few brief moments of orgasmic elation. Next thing I know, I’m in the shackles, she’s astride me. She see’s the puzzlement in my eyes and says, “As you collapsed onto me, totally spent, I bit your exposed neck, drank just enough of our blood to put you in the shackles and there you will stay, until I choose otherwise!”

I rued my missed opportunity for freedom, what a fool I was to drink her blood. Now I am at her mercy again and I’m a vampire!

I hope you enjoyed part 3, I am still making it up as I go and have no idea where it will end.

Thatcher’s legacy.

26 Nov

I used to hate this woman with a passion, now she’s passed and I’m left with a lot of negative feelings. Seeing people on tv, saying how caring Thatcher was, makes me laugh and want to punch them in the face for being so gullible.

This woman, single handedly did more damage to the UK than Hitler would ever have dreamed of! She eroded social housing, by letting people buy them and not building replacements with the money made from the sales.

Our once great nation, has been turned into a penny pinching back water, with most of our assets owned by other countries. How this is good for us is beyond me. Our industry was crushed by her iron hand and has left whole regions in debt, with no likely hood of industry returning. Sure, it would have happened eventually, due to the slave labour of 3rd world countries.

Thatcher ushered in privatisation, which is still eroding our economy and inverting our society. Turning people against each other for having a nice car or double glazing, causing resentment and hatred.

The people who think they have profited from Thatchers time in parliament, are sadly, deluded. There delusion is of being well off, as the country crumbles around them. They see only that which pleases them, ignoring the empty shops, the payday loan shops, the charity shops, the betting shops and now, the one pound shops. That’s just on the high street’s.

Have you ever heard people say, “We used to leave our front door open all day.” Well it’s true. People had a sense of society, a sense of belonging, all in it together and stronger for it. What happened to that, Thatcher happened.

It has been shown, that Thatcher was given the support of the press, to help get her into power, in order for her to break the power of the press union. What does that say about our government, about our press. During the miners strike, footage was edited to show miners rioting. The bits where the police antagonise them were not allowed to be shown and to my knowledge, still haven’t been shown.

It was the mountains of rubbish building up in our streets the allowed privatisation to take off in this country. One man made a company to shift the rubbish, he hired the striking council workers and was able to do the job cheaper than the council……The rest is history.

There will always be change in the UK, Thatcher ushered in a new era, it’s still in it’s infancy, yet it has crushed our once proud nation. We aren’t dead yet, that is in the future. That is when descendants of Thatcherites, can no longer hide from the truth. By which time, all we once were, will be lost and what we have become is 80 million individuals all looking out for ourselves at the expense of those around us. No better than animals.

I see nothing positive from Thatchers time in power, apart from Spitting Image, a great program. Even my father, a devout conservative voter, started voting labour, after her second term as PM. My prospects as a school leaver went down hill rapidly, due to Thatchers policies. Local factories closed down, unemployment rose, my options disappeared before I’d got on the job ladder. Living in a relatively rural area, jobs were scarce and mainly seasonal. I ended up on unemployement benefits…..


For my dear departed friend. Joe Gavin.

19 Nov

Joe Gavin, was a tall slim man. He was awful at telling jokes and his puns would make you grimace. An avid bird watcher, husband and Christian. I am in awe of his faith! I do not know anybody like this man. He was diagnosed with Motor Neurones Disease. He soon realised that this was a death sentence. His friends weren’t as quick to understand the implications of the disease. Though it became apparent very quickly. He was deteriorating rapidly, losing the use of his right hand then his whole arm, in what seemed like weeks. I call him my friend, yet I don’t know how he maintained such a positive attitude in the face of death. He was the Chef of our church, cooking for almost every event in the church for years, on a voluntary basis. The only money he would take from church was to buy food. During the toughest periods, when life was hard for him, he would not complain. He didn’t cook for the church, in his words “I cook for God.” That was his God given task and he did it to the best of his ability, turning out many great dishes on a shoe string budget. I pulled him to one side once, when things were going badly and asked if he needed help. His response was so selfless: “I have all I need through God.” I honestly doubted his sincerity at the time but time proved again and again, that this was a man of God, not clergy, just through his faith. I wept for him in church today, I’m tearing up as I write this. We were given an order of service, I glanced through, 2 things stuck out for me, firstly the second hymn,
Blessed be Your name, in the land that is plentiful
where Your streams of abundance flow;
Blessed be Your name.
I’ll spare you the whole hymn, suffice to say, it suited Joe’s attitude to God. The second thing that stuck out, was right at the end, the very last piece of writing: http://optomisticjoe.muchloved.com I held my hand up, to say a few words, was given the microphone and quoted the link, it summed him up so perfectly! I ask that you share this, as it is a link that leads to a tribute fund, set up in Joe’s memory, through the Motor Neurones Disease Association. Please visit and make a donation.

Why did God let such a devout man die, despite all our prayers for his recovery? I have to say, I do not know…What I do know, from Joe and various friends, is that God truly loved and blessed him. How can a man face death, with a happy heart and still loving God? The answer is, Faith. Knowing you are going home to your Eternal Father, what more could any person of faith want.

I will miss you, Joe Gavin. R.I.P. my friend.

Why weeks weep!

10 Feb

Nameless are the weeks of time

days are named

as are months

but not the weeks

the ignored

the bastards of Father time

ignored by Clock

poor weeks

too numerous to name

anonimity hiding their shame

as they quietly slip by.